[X] Can't change year tag to YYYY-MM-DD

I think this is a bug, albeit a strange one.

I'm trying to change the year tag of the file [1] from 1941 to 1941-03-26. Since the file is an MP3, this format is ok, conforming to the YYYY-MM-DD specification of the TDRC field in the ID3v2 tag.

In Mp3Tag, the file is changed and I have no problems. When I click save the pop up with "Saving 1 tag of 1 files" appears.

The problem is, no other program reads the 1941-03-26 on the year file. Winamp, iTunes, MediaMonkey, etc. To see how it was a did a small ruby script (with taglib [2]) to check the year tags, and confirmed it that the date tag was indeed 1941.

I can't understand why Mp3tag but doesn't change the date.

Any ideas?

I'm using the 2.57 version.

[1] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1583971...-%20YouTube.mp3

[2] https://github.com/robinst/taglib-ruby

Same problem with me and v2.57; If I put in another date like for example 2013-08-30, it isn't read like that in other programs. Only the year 2013 is shown in other programs!

In prior version of MP3TAG, I guess it was v2.52 I didn't have this problem.

When you use ID3v2.3 tags with a year like YYYY-MM-DD it is internally split into two fields TYER and TDAT
Only ID3v2.4 allows YYYY-MM-DD in one field.

Thanks for the reply, but it's still not working or am I doing something wrong?

I first configured MP3TAG like you said in your reply, put in the year YYYY-MM-DD, saved it, and then I opened it up in my other program but nothing in the year field??? Again, using v2.52 there was no problem. Please take a look at the screeshots:

According to this Wikipedia entry, the id3tag TYER (id3v2.3) was replaced by TDRC in id3v2.4

You don't tell us what 'other program' you use, maybe MixMeister?
Therefore we don't know if the 'other program' read and show this id3v2.4 tags correctly.

Thanks again!

Yes, the other program is MixMeister. I made a screenshot of a MP3 track that I tagged in version 2.52 and a track tagged with v2.57. I did not change the MixMeister version. As you can see in the v2.52 everything is ok with the YEAR field YYYY-MM-DD, but now with 2.57 it's not ... I don't know how to fix this!

As you can see in the changelog (and Dano told you):

I don't know if MixMeister looks for TYER and TDAT or TDRC for your date YYYY-MM-DD. If you don't wanna go back and use Mp3tag 2.52, I would ask the people who made MixMeister to tell you which id3v2.4 fields they read and show in your "YEAR" column.

Thank you LyricsLover. I'm not familiar with the fields TYER, TDAT or TDRC or how to use them to make some changes and asking the MixMeister Crew could take a very long time, so if you know where I can find v2.52 I could use that again.

Many thanks in advance!

You can find a reference of mapping fieldnames in MP3tag and the mp3 standard in the online help.
Also, you could modify the data in Mixmeister and then see where MP3tag would show this information - open the extended tags dialogue for that.

Also, it might be an idea and see whether the files have more than just mp3 tags in it (and not also a leftover APE tag which is empty) so that the other programs display the empty tag version fields.

In winamp I have the same problem: the field that was changed with v2.57 doesn't appear to be there.

Is it possible to know which version of ID3tag2.X is being used in the file? I believe the file I gave as an example have the ID3tag2.4 and, hence, the TDRC is being used but not being modified accordingly.

Yes, in the default installation there should be a column that shows the tag versions that are in the file and which is used to display the data.
Also, you can open the extended tags dialogue (for a single file) with Alt-T - the dialogue title should show the tag version.

Just googled for mp3tagv252setup.exe and found this source for example:


I have no idea, how 'safe' this source is. :ph34r: Be careful!

Confirmed that the files that and wrongly shown use ID3v2.3 and not 2.4.

Is it possible to converte ID3 v2.3 to v2.4? that would pretty much solve the problem

EDIT: I has doing some experiments and, even if a file is ID3v2.3 if we add a TDRC tag to it, it automatically becomes v2.4.

Mp3tag detects this change, so its only a matter of, when editing the year, place it in a TDRC tag and not re-write the TYER and TDAT tags that are v2.3 only.

To write v2.4 with Mp3tag go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and select Write - ID3v2.4
Then just select one or more files and press Ctrl+S and the tags are changed.

Thanks to you all!

But after trying over and over in version 2.57 spending over 8 hours trying to get the YEAR right into YYYY-MM-DD and using ID3v2.4, I decided to look for version 2.52 and I've found it on a Russian site.

I installed the v2.52 software, but still no good result. So I used a firm deleting tool for MP3TAG and installed v2.52 again. Opened up a prior tagged MP3 (as tagged some months ago in v2.52), looked up the used tags and configured MP3TAG v2.52 to write in ID3v1 and ID3v2 (ID3v2.3 UTF-16).

And yes it works again!!! All YYYY-MM-DD are shown in MixMeister as they should!

Thanks, to you all again. My problem is solved.

Downgrading the software isn't by far, the best thing you can do to bug fix.

I know not how is the development process here, but could we hope for this bug to be fixed in the next release(s)?

It is not a bug. The ID3v2.3 standard only allows 4 digits in the TYER frame. Month and Day goes in TDAT frame.

hmmm ... ok, it might not be a bug, but it would be a great improvement:

If the version is v2.3 and the date is being changed to something more then YYYY, add modified date to TDRC.

The version is automatically updated, the file gets prettier and you'd make the 2 people in the word that care about the month and day in the date happy :slight_smile:

Yes, and the rest unhappy as I would not want the tag version changed only because a stray character like a hyphen crept in.
And to get it clear: it is two players that apparently read and show non-standard whatever they like and the editing program that keeps the standard gets blamed? Strange approach.

Just a hint: there is the field RELEASETIME which has the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ - so perhaps you can copy the long date from YEAR to this field, add a dummy time and so save the information. If the players display this field.

Right you are.

So ... hmm ... is there a way to change the file ID3 version from 2.3 to 2.4 with mp3tag?