[X] Can't read ID3v2 tag from iTunes mp3s

Mp3Tag 2.37h doesn't detect the ID3v2 tag in the attached MP3. Winamp and Mp3 Tag Assistant Pro read it successfully. I have trimmed down the mp3 using mp3DirectCut. The original seems to have passed through iTunes.

I know iTunes doesn't comply with the ID3v2 tag, but it would be nice if Mp3Tag was able to fix this kind of tags.

Keep up the good work,

ID3v2bug.mp3 (112 KB)

fb2k also doesn't read the tag.

I had also posted the issue in the foobar2000 forum.

This file has a frame with the ID ???? which is not allowed.
foobar console also says: ID3v2 parsing failed : Invalid frame name

Would be interesting to know which program does that cr**, I don't think this comes from iTunes.

How many of these files do you have? If there's just a few you can fix it with a hex editor:
Replace the four ???? (they come after Mashup) with TPE2 for example.

I'll try to find out.

Thanks, dano; that was the issue. I only had 21 files and I ran a binary-clean Perl replacer to s/\Q????/TPE2/. Both Mp3Tag and foobar2000 can now correctly read all ID3V2 information.

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