[X] Can't refresh file list (F5) after Convert / Tag -> Filename

After using Convert / Tag - Filename, I tried Refresh (F5) and it gives a warning that every file could not be found. The names stored in memory were still pointing to the old, original filenames.
It seems that after using this conversion option, or any option that affects filenames, the names in memory for the files must be updated as well.
After using this conversion option, not only F5, but also other options that rely on filename, like Convert / Filename - Tag, probably aren't working as well.

Please tell us the mask you have used, what the inital path/filename was and what the resulting path/filename should be.
Also, please tell us whether you use a filter and if you would expect any matches after the renaming.

Because some of the involved tag-fields may contain a slash / or backslash \ character, it does happen, that "Convert / Tag - Filename" builds a new filepathname for the underlying file (... this is a feature).
If so, then the file automatically will be moved to the new/other folder, therefore the file got lost in the current folder view within Mp3tag.

Maybe the file extension has been removed, or renamed to an extension, which is not dedicated to a media file, which can be detected by Mp3tag.


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