[X] Can't remove album tag from flac

I have a problem with the album tag on a flac file.

I have a flac file with an album tag.
I tried to remove it with MP3tag, either by selecting the delete option or just deleting all the charecters from the box. I can save the file and MP3tag shows that tehere is no album tag anymore.
But when I open the file in vlc media player or check the information using MediaInfo tool, the album is still there.

When I override the tag, vlc and MediaInfo show the new tag. But when I remove the new tag again and save, vlc and MediaInfo show the original album tag again.

So to sum it up: you modify a flac file with MP3tag and MP3tag shows the correct information.
Only if you try to see the new information in other programs you don't see it?

Actually: could you check if you have FLAC tags or ID3 tags in the files? There should only be FLAC tags.

The other programs see the information if i change the tag, but not if I remove it, to be precise.
MP3 Tag says:

Version: FLAC (FLAC ID3v2)

I'm not sure if this means FLAC and ID3 are present?

Yes, that means that both tag versions are present. FLAC files should have only FLAC tags.
So cut the tags until only the flac tags are left.
Or, if you see that cutting a tag leaves the ID3 tags, then delete these and paste the flac tags back again.

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