[X] Can't use discogs search in program

As i wrote to Florian on Facebook.

I downloaded newest stable version.

I click discogs or discogs (fast) icon and

It happens since... week or two?

Basically, be4... worked and then... dead lol.

I disabled firewall, nothing. I tried to use amazon and... em, it works O_o

I had a look at your screenshot and it seems that you're on Windows XP SP3. Can you please try to open


in Internet Explorer and see whether it can be opened without any problems?

Kind regards

Doesnt work on ie :astonished:


OK, it looks like accessing the Discogs API requires a system that supports TLS 1.2 now (which is not the case for Windows XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003 and 2008).

See the corresponding announcement on the Discogs API Forum.

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