[X] Can't use keyboard shortcuts in Actions Menu

In Windows, you can use & to tag menu items, & will put an underscore under your menu item and will execute when you press the key you associated it with (the character after the ampersand).

so if you tag a menu item as "E&xit" and if you press X when File menu is open, your program will exit.

That's not the case with Actions menu. It does not work. As seen below,

My menu item "(&1) Trim title → Filename Track. Title" does not work when you press 1 on keyboard.

It should work in the menu. So Alt-A-1 should trigger the action.
To me it looks like you used the button in the toolbar. There the shortcut (although shown) has no function.

Alt+A works, although the menu by the button should work too I believe

At least it's much easier for me to press the toolbar button then pressing 1, 2, 3, etc.

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