[X] () characters in scripting functions


This is really just a documentation issue. The parenthesis characters () need to be enclosed in single quotes when used as a character argument in string functions. This is not described on the Scripting functions help page. Only []$% are described as "Characters with special functionality" requiring this.

I've posted this because it took me a long time to track this problem down in a long action that I'd written.



Round brackets have no special functionality in relation to square brackets (which do have a "functionality" like an inline IF question), because they are simply characters of the underlying scripting language syntax, like the Percent sign and the Dollar sign, and the Comma sign too.
When using a character from the scripting language character set within a functional expression it must be escaped by enclosing it within single quote characters.
So I do understand.


I'll add a note to the help page.

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