[X] Cleaning up saved input lists from autoprompt

When using tools like tag->filename, a drop down list of name patterns is shown for selection.

My list has grown large and cluttered, and I want to remove most of the saved entries.

In a past MP3tag version (I'm 90% sure) that I just went into a .ini or .cfg file and edited out the trash. In the current version, the .cfg file is binary information and dangerous if not impossible to edit.

Many controls allow saved entries to be removed by displaying the (drop down) list, highlighting the entry, and pressing delete (instead of click to select the entry). Firefox and IE are examples.

Would you please consider improving (or using a drop down list control from a different programmer) to obtain a "saved list item delete" function?

Thank you!

It's available from the '>' menu (see Remove from history).

Thank you.

It was a lot of clicking, but I got the job done!

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