[X] Column Update for %_tool% requires Ctrl-T

As I read that there is a new info field %_tool% I wanted to try it.
I created a new column with the value %_tool% but a value showed only for the file that was currently the selected.
All the other files had no data in this new column - not until I moved the selection to another file.
F5 re-read the files, but the column with %_tool% remained empty for those files that had not been selected yet.
I had the library switched on during these attempts.
So I switches the library off which leads to a restart of MP3tag, the files were read again - still no display in the column tool, not until the file was selected.

My expectation would be that any rereading of files would also reread the data for "tool" and not when the file gets the focus.
Only Ctrl-T got the data (Lame3.99r in this case)

Disabling the library results in reading the file information directly from the file. So you should see the contents of the %_tool% info field for those files which have the LAME tag set. Can you confirm?

Enabling the library results in reading the file information from the libary (if present). So any file that has been read from the library needs either be read again via Ctrl+T or click on the file. This is the expected behavior, because the file modification date has not been changed.

Great that you're trying the new stuff :smile:

That is why I tried both: library on and library off

This would mean that I have to reread all the files again and then press Ctrl-T to read them all over again to fill the new field ...

I've tried it also and here the new field content is displayed when the library is disabled. So I cannot reproduce the behavior you're describing (comparing between v2.86a and v2.86b).

Just load the files and press either Ctrl+T on a selection of files or click on an individual file. You need to trigger reading the data somehow.

I am running out of non-displaying files soon.
I just tried it again:
Files have been registered previously in the library:
Load files: no display of %_tool%
Switch off library in Tools>Options>Library, new start of MP3tag
Same files get loaded: still no display of %_tool%
A forced re-read with Ctrl-T for a wider selection of files leads to a display of %_tool%
Setting the selection to a file without display also retrieves the %_tool% information.

For the test I loaded a mere 170 files - could it be a problem with cache?

Edit: I tried it with a copy of the same set of files on a different computer (Windows 7 as opposed to W10 on the conspicious one) and MP3tag behaves just like it should and we both described as correct response:
With library, library is read and needs updating
No library: files are read and uptodate information is shown.
Why this is a local problem - I have not yet found it out. But it looks like a local one.

This is what is most mysterious to me: why would the files not display the contents of the %_tool% info field if the library is disabled?

I quite agree: I have not yet found the reason resp. what the difference is.
Or wait: the other computer had a column definition
Value: %_codec% [%_tool%]
So it could be that the properties were already in the database ... no rubbish: this does not explain why the data is not shown when the database is switched off.
I don't know. And as it appears only on one PC (for now) ... it has to be something local.

Can you check, whether the Library is really disabled in those cases (via Options > Library)?

Yes, library was disabled after the new start (opened Tools>Options>Library to check: nothing ticked)

This is what I've tried to reproduce it here:

  1. Closed Mp3tag while Library was enabled.
  2. Deleted the Library file.
  3. Installed v2.86a and loaded a directory with MP3s
    • Observation: No LAME info shown (because it isn't available with v2.86a)
  4. Installed v2.86b and loaded the same directory
    • Observation: No LAME info shown (because files are read from the Library and the Library doesn't have the LAME info)
  5. Disabled the Library
    • Observation: LAME info shown (because files are read directly from the file system)
  6. Enabled the Library
    • Observation: No LAME info shown (because files are again read from the Library and the Library doesn't have the LAME info)
  7. Selected all files and pressed Ctrl+T
    • Observation: LAME info shown (because files were updated in the Library and the Library now has the LAME info)

Everything as expected.

Now everything seems to be ok.
I followed your steps with removing old db, installing old version, creating new db, updating version.
And now, as you said:

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Thanks for confirming. I'm marking this as [X] = No Bug then, if you encounter any of this again, please let me know.

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