[X] Comment field problem

If I use iTunes or WinAmp to change the comment field and press enter (or ctrl-enter in iTunes) I get a new line (is that proper English?).
How do you say that in English? Pressing enter gives a new line/sentence?
Anyway, if I then use Mp3tag and save the tag it becomes one sentence.
My description is not so good. But if you understand it, is there something that can be done about this (maybe change some setttings) or is it a bug?

It's supposed to look like this:


But what I get after using Mp3tag is this:


You can use the extended tag dialog to enter multi-line comments.


No, I think the problem here is that these programs don't understand $0A as linebreak.
In the USLT frame we use $0D $0A which is more compatible.

I know, that's what I did, Florian.
I think dano understood my poorly sentenced explanation.
If I use the extended tag dialog to enter multi-line comments it just shows as one line in iTunes or Winamp.

It used to show two squares at the end of a line in iTunes. But after saving the tag with Mp3tag it just showed one.
I think that has to do with the $0D $0A linebreak thing.
Anyway that can be used in the comment field too?
If I now save a file in Mp3tag I have to add the linebreak again in iTunes.

Thanks for responding though.
It's just a minor annoyance, for a otherwise great program.

distinti saluti, Paz

I'm finding that existing comments are getting cut off to the length of the entry field at the main screen when multiple files are selected for tag editing.

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