[X] Comment Fields Problem Multi Line Comments No Erasing

Hey guys I am not sure if this is the same problem but I am also having a problem with the comments fields. This has happened various times. I bring an mp3 into mp3Tag, I then select then i go to comments and select which normally clears the comments section. Then I deselect and Mp3tag runs. Then I select the file again but and its blank. But then I go to Winamp drop the file is and the comment is still there and its always a multi-line comment. Here is a sample:

00000197 000001B4 00000778 0000078D 000186CE 000186CE 0000727C 0000718C 00009C57 00009C57

I have noticed that some of the files that this happens with are coded by itunes...not all of them but some.

Please check the extended tags of the file [Alt+T] it might have a COMMENT ITUNNORM field.
And what's your Winamp version?

Dano thanks for the quick reply. Yes it is exactly that I just checked ITUNNORM. Is there a way by default to tell Mp3Tag to just delete that info? Like you would with "default values" in the option screen. Maybe cliking on the save button will make that deafult. basically I just want to always delete that field when I bring a track into mp3Tag

No, but you can create an action "Remove values" or add the field to the tag panel.

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