[X] COMMENT not shown at all

i see many COMMENT field problems here, but mine seems to be not mentioned:

i have a large number of files that seem to have a perfectly normal COMMENT
field, no special characters, no forbidden signs, no linebreaks.

this COMMENT shows in WINAMP, in file info, in just about every player i have
found that should show comments. it also shows in all programs that work
with or create tags.

those files were created with various programs, but most of them with EAC.

now: this COMMENT field does NOT show with Mp3tag. it plainly does not
seem to exist. not within the normal, nor with the extended tags.

any idea?

more strange even: if i fill in a new comment in the Mp3tag comment field,
it overrides (replaces) the comment that was previously there but not
seen by Mp3tag, and the new one then shows everywere (WINAMP etc).

baffled greetings - heinz -

You can send me on small file for analyzing this issue to my contact address.

Best regards,

florian, already on the way, the smallest i had, but only a sample of many.


  • 1 - in WINAMP INFO (and many other tag prgs) it shows in ID3 v1 and v2
    the same info in the comment field

  • 2 - same file in MP3tag does not even have that comment field!

  • 3 - then add a comment manually in MP3tag, the very exact words as in
    above (1), and it shows correctly.

  • 4 - BOTH in WINAMP and MP3tag !!! and in WINAMP no noticable difference
    at all to the original file looked at in (1).

hope this is more clear than my first entry!

greetings - heinz -

PS: i was referring to WINAMP file info only because it is easily available to most.
the same effect is there with any other prog that can see the comment file. they all
(well, all i have) see the comment field in (1), which MP3tag does not.

The file has both an ID3v1 and an ID3v2 Tag where only the ID3v1 Tag contains the comment you've mentioned.

Mp3tag prefers ID3v2 over ID3v1, so the comment of the ID3v1 Tag is not displayed. You can alter trag reading settings for MP3s at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

Best regards,

The file has both an ID3v1 and an ID3v2 Tag where only the ID3v1 Tag contains the comment you've mentioned

florian, i just tried it again, and i dont know why you say this: if i play this file in WINAMP and
open FileInfo, it displays both a v1 > a n d < a v2 tag! one on the left, one on the right.
both of them are filled! and both of them contain the comment with my name in it!

this is the latest winamp (5.24), can this be different from yours?

greetings - heinz -

PS: will send you a screenshot!

I have no Winamp installed but had a look at the file with a hex editor. The ID3v2 Tag doesn't contain a COMM frame which is used for storing the comment. Maybe Winamp merges the different tags here.

I've attached a screenshot to illustrate this.

Best regards,

P.S. Don't trust the Winamp :stuck_out_tongue:

florian, not the slightest doubt about your interpretation, nor about the screenshot.

problem is, 90% of the people use winamp or mediaplayer (me, foobar), and thats
what i have to adjust for. and, forgive me, if MP3tag is to be the most universial
tool there is for MP3s, then ignoring winamp will not help, either.

and you have seen my last screenshot: the two WINAMP windows next to each other
with v1 and v2 nicely filled in.

there can hardly be any automatic exchange between the versions: if you want, you
can fill in totally different info in either, classic in v1, hiphop in v2.

only when manually copying v1 -> v2 -> v1 (clicks at the bottom of the screen),
it actually exchanges contents.

any of the winamp-knowledgable people out there: where does my thinking, or my
own interpretation, go wrong here?

and remember: not only winamp, but also 3 other players, and 2 TAG tools, showed
the ''comment field that wasnt there''.

greetings - heinz -

You keep mentioning Winamp's tag editor. Does the ID3v2 tag contain a comment field?

yes it does, sebastian. side by side one for v1 and v2. if i could figure a way to
upload a picture, i could show you that info/edit page with the very song loaded.

greetings - heinz -

PS: not quite what i wanted to do, but have a look at that small DOC file attached,
there you can see them (file was virus checked several times).

and thats how the file in question (such as many others) show up in WINAMP,
clearly with a comment in the v2 tag too, right? and that comment does for
whatever reason NOT show up in MP3tag.

so while this might not be a bug in winamp, and not be a bug in MP3tag, it certainly
is a bug in the interaction of these two most widely used programs.

screenprint.doc (55 KB)

for those of you who do not have had the actual test file, and possibly also not
a copy of WINAMP, i will try to include three small screenshots of rather mediocre
quality, but which all are made after the same file was loaded:

( A ) WINAMP file info, with ID3v1 and ID3v2 side by side, and the COMMENTS

   field clearly, in both v1 and v2, saying 'Heinz's Collection'

( B ) TAGSCANNER edit screen, also confirming down right side that it read ID3v2,

   and also having the same COMMENT entry

( C ) MP3tag, same file, no comment field at all.

once more: ALL THE SAME FILE.

greetings - heinz -

Ok, here you have it: It's a Winamp Bug!
From the 5.25 BETA Changelog:

And your ID3v2 also lacks the Genre which is displayed in Winamp on both tabs but not in Mp3tag. You didn't notice?!

To ( B ): TagScanner merges v1 and v2 together.

dano, great! this must be it.

i have so much faith in florian and his program, that i rather have the
bug somewhere else but in MP3tag!

and it was strange that WINAMP and others would show the same bug
or behavior, wanted or unwanted. what would the point of ''merging
v1 and v2'' be?

but issue solved, thanks to all of you who took the time.

greetings - heinz -

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