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Hi there,

I've just switched to Windows 7 and installed the latest development build v2.44h with full settings, e.g. includes the windows context menu.

The context menu works fine when right clicking a single mp3. i.e. right click, and i have an option called 'mp3tag'. If I choose this it loads up mp3tag and loads the mp3 into the program.

Infact, this works if i select up to and including 15 mp3's. However once I select 16 or more mp3's, the right click context menu for 'mp3tag' no longer appears.

This was not the case under XP where I could load as many mp3s as I chose using the right click context menu - in fact mp3tag used to display a warning if I selected a large number, indicating it might take some time, but it always worked perfectly.

Perhaps there have been some changes in the way the Windows 7 registry works for context menus?

Other context menu specific items, e.g. Anti Virus scan etc work when selecting more than 15 files, so I think there must be a way around it.



AFAIK this is a limit of Windows 7. To overcome a dedicated shell extension handler is needed which Mp3tag does not have.

Dano is right, it's normal behaviour on Windows 7 (and Vista).

I'm thinking about writing a dedicated shell extension for one of the next releases (definitely not the upcoming release) to overcome this limitation (and several other problems of the current approach).

That would be great.
I've just tested Win7 and plan to use it but I've already faced some of these problems with the context menu.

Thanks for your reply guys and the continued development of mp3tag - Win 7 is great but it does have a few annoying quirks like this. :rolleyes:

hi, I also have problem with Win7 context menu integration - but in my case the mp3tag does not appear at all in the shell (however, I am 100% sure I have chosen this option while installing). I run Win 7 Professional, x64 version.

Any idea how to fix it?

I use this reg key now to create the context menu. It's for Win7 32bit

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"C:\\\\Program Files\\\\Mp3tag\\\\Mp3tag.exe\" /fn:\"%1\""

For Win7 64bit I think it should be

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="\"C:\\\\Program Files (x86)\\\\Mp3tag\\\\Mp3tag.exe\" /fn:\"%1\""

save it to a text file and rename the extension to .reg and run it
You can add more file extensions to the reg file if you want

OK, solved with reinstallation.

However - another weird thing. Do you also have the problem that when selecting multiple music files and trying to add them to mp3tag via right click only some of the files get loaded?

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