[X] Convert Text file - Tag problem

Hello all.

I've got a text file containing various mp3 tags, and I want to import them to the files loaded within mp3Tag. It all works fine except for the filename part. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...

If I use %_filename% in the format string then nothing happens, i.e. no changes are made to the filename.

If I use %_filename_ext% in the format string then mp3Tag skips all the files, because it says they're not selected. The files it says are not selected are the "new" filenames, but they don't exist yet.

To reproduce this...

  1. Load 3 mp3 files (say) into mp3Tag.
  2. Choose Convert->Text file - Tag.
  3. Select a text file with 3 lines, with each line containing a track name.
  4. Use the format string %_filename_ext%
  5. Press OK!


Changes on filenames are not supported by the text file to tag feature. They're only used to map entries from the text file to files in Mp3tag.

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Oh, I see...


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