X copy option to existing copy feature

The "copy..." feature is nice, but could be very nice to have an option to copy the files with the directory structure.(like an xcopy).
Thanks you for the existing tool already excellent.

See the FAQs on functions to create folder structures from tag data:

Currently I already do it like this

  • save the path and filename in a static user tag
  • export (copy)
  • mass change the root of the path in the tag of the exported files
  • tag to filename to recreate directory
    ... it is long and requires to have unique filenames in the copied files.
    The aim is to have an extract in the original directory structure to put it in the smartphone so that tag changes made on the phone can be reimported on the pc just by copying the directory from phone to pc.

I agree this is a copy process that could be simplified. Specifically for the purpose of duplicating a selection of files for a portable device, SD card, etc. Keeping the initial directory of the selected files to be copied intact with a single “copy” command would be ideal. This could be a shift+select function, or at least a separate line. But given how many times I have performed the same sequence above, it must have some merit for thought?