[X] copy/paste of artwork no longer works

I seem to remember being able to copy a jpg onto the clipboard, and then going into mp3tag and the "paste" option would be available when I right-clicked (in Vista, presently). That no longer works. mp3tag doesn't seem to detect artwork on the clipboard anymore. So sad!


The type of data actually stored in the clipboard differs between the program that you use to copy the JPGs which might be causing that issue.

Which program did you use to copy the cover to the clipboard?

Almost always it's just Windows Explorer. I browse to the picture, right-click and "copy", then go into mp3tag to paste. Like I said, I'm pretty sure that used to work, but no longer.

AFAIK, Mp3tag and Windows Explorer need to run under the same user to enable copy and paste (as well as drag and drop) between the processes.

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