[X] Copy/Paste WMA Tag corrupts genres

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select source WMA file with tags that include multiple genres (Soundtrack; J-Pop).
  2. Copy tags using right click Tag Copy function.
  3. Select target WMA file.
  4. Paste tags using right click Tag Paste function.


  1. Only the first genre is copied.

As the semicolon acts as delimiter for mulit-value-fields for WMP could you check if you have got now 2 GENRE fields (open the extended tags dialogue for this: Alt-T)

It seems some sort of glitch may have happened earlier today, because I am now unable to replicate the problem myself (the source files have had some tagging changes since I posted).

I think I should apologise for this one and withdraw (and ask for the thread to be closed).

(I have now taken the precaution of reconfirming my other post about multilingual lyrics: that remains reproducible).

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