[X] Cover Art Directory & Windows action sounds in v2.77

Cover Art Directory with %_workingpath%\ defaults back to the main directory loaded rather than the working sub directory also audio upon action completion is broke (no system sounds at all).

As the dialogue box is generated by Windows, it has to be a windows setting.
(Or the other way round: I get all the sounds I want, I cannot reproduce this except when I twiddle with the Mix panel for sounds and switch off the system sounds.)

AFAIK %_workingpath% is that what is shown in the tag panel in the directory field.
The current folder name of a file can be found in the variable %_directory%

I didn't change any windows settings & audio is fine outside of this application so it has to be something with it.

The sounds accompany Mp3tag messages.
If you choose to not show a message then the sound will not be played.
Make sure you have chosen to display all message types:
Options > Messages

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