[X] Cover art filesize increases when copied and pasted

I was recently going through my library and noticed that some of my cover artworks for the same album were of different filesizes. This had me puzzled for a while and I decided for consistency's sake to fix this by copying over the smallest sized cover art over to the rest of the files. To my surprise, the cover arts all ended up larger in filesize than the original copy!

Please investigate this problem as it is quite annoying and inefficient to have to convert all the cover arts in one album to a larger filesize just to make sure they are recognized as the same thing. I have all my cover arts stored in tags if that makes any difference.

Thank you for your time, and I apologize in advance if this issue is invalid or has already been reported (though in my defense, I DID do a forum search on it).

This is not a bug. Please see this post for an explanation.

Kind regards,

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