[X] Cover Art gets bigger in kb when importing from clipboard

I noticed that cover art gets bigger in size (more than twice) when I import it from Clipboard rather than tagging it directly from external sources or from a local file.
It seems to me, that the imported JPGs are far more compressed and that by importing them to clipboard and importing to MP3Tag they are blown up to a bitmap and compressed to a lesser degrade.
I had a look at the files in irfanview and made some tests with loading and saving jpgs.
Irfanview has a default compression rate of 80 % when saving jpgs. When I used this default rate the covers nearly kept their original size. When I changed this to 100 % - which blows up the original JPGs - I got nearly the size as with mp3tag.
So I think mp3tag should save the files from the clipboard with a higher compression rate to keep them in a similar size than the original. I would suggest 70 to 80 %.

In many cases it is not possible to tag directly from external sources, because the cover is not found. So I often take an external seek (ie. Album Art Downloader), and copy the found cover to the clipboard. Saving this to a local file and importing this files to mp3tag I think takes too much time.

Therefore I would appreciate it, that the clipboad behaviour would be changed.

Because I used the clipboard in many cases in the past, I think I have a lot of MP3s that have grown bigger than necessary.

If you want to store exactly the same cover, please don't use the clipboard functions. The image in the clipboard is stored as DIB (Device Independent Bitmap) and Mp3tag creates a JPG from this while pasting.

Using JPG at a lower compression rate is not an option, since it implies quality loss (which would then indeed be considered as a bug).

how about when you copy the album art in mp3tag, you not only send it to the clipboard as a dib, but also hold it in application memory as a jpeg for if the user pastes it to another track rather than to some other unrelated software?

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