[X] cover art not displayed in winamp


A bug with cover art not being displayed in winamp was discussed and marked as fixed in this thread: http://forums.mp3tag.de/index.php?act=Login&CODE=00

I'm seeing similar behavior with Mp3tag v2.45a and Winamp 5.56. Mp3Tag indicates that there is cover art, but it doesn't show up in winamp, nor do Windows Explore extensions such as AudioShell 1.3.5 indicate that there is cover art.

This doesn't always happen and I haven't determined yet the specific method of adding cover art that causes this. I could submit a sample mp3 if that would be useful.

Curious if this problem is unique to my setup.

BTW...this is my first post. Thanks Florian for such a great tool!


Your link is broken.

Didi you ask Winamp people why it doesn't work?

Hallo ipipip,
Winamp read Name of file "folder.jpg", or you write with mp3tag (cover*.jpg) into the file.
Sorry for my bad english. I like this Forum in german languege.

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