[X] _cover_size not returning the correct value

%_cover_size% is reporting the correct size when a track has a single image embedded, however when a second image is added the value does not change.

Img1: front.jpg 147059
Img2: back.jpg 236003

  1. Img1 Only: _cover_size = 143kb
  2. Img2 Only: _cover_size = 230kb
  3. Img1+Img2: _cover_size = 143kb
In example 3 the value always reprents the first cover added.


I think this is not a bug, but a limitation of the feature. The MIME type (%_cover_mimetype%) is also returned for the first cover only.

Understood - however when this is used alongside %_covers% it misrepresents what the results are.

Along that line, %_cover_mimetype% does not work for mp4 tags, but %_covers% and %_cover_size% do.

Sebastion -

Does my response impact the 'not a bug' assessment?


As I already stated, it's not a bug, but a limitation of the feature. Maybe Florian can change this and introduce something like %_cover_size%[0], %_cover_size%[1]... for individual covers and change the behavior of %_cover_size% to reflect the size of all covers.

Edit: Added missing word.


No, these placeholders will only support the first cover for now.

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