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Hello Florian,

Your mp3tag editor is a true lifesaver for anyone who wants organise their mp3's
All the functions you need, all in one program: well done!

However I found a small bug when I tried to convert the filenames of my Guns 'N Roses songs.
I wanted to convert Guns N' Roses - title.mp3 to Guns 'N Roses - title.mp3 using convert filename: %1 - %2 --> Guns 'N Roses - %2
I was told there was a syntax error as soon as I typed the '

I'm using v2.38, there was no log-file created

Kind regards,


Hello Erik,

the ' character is a special character in Mp3tag (see Help > Scripting at the bottom). Just use two of them ''

Thanks for the nice feedback!

Kind regards,

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