[X] Crash On Vista

I dont' know if administrators know spanish, then I'm going to try explain the problem in english (sorry, i have a poor english level :S)

Well, i'm trying run MP3tag on Windows Vista RC1 64 bits edition and the program crash. I have instaled the last MP3tag version, without problems, and start the program perfect, but when I select a song, appear a window saying this:

"Error en ejecucion

Archivo: .\mtid3view.cpp
Linea: 298

La aplicacion se encuentra en un estado indefinido
Por favor cierre la aplicacion y envie el archivo....

Show me the same error two or three times and after, sometimes the program close saying dont have enougth memory, and othertimes is still runing.

And if a try select some song at same time show me a lot of windows very very quickly and the program stop wonking.
Is true I'm having a lot of problem with vista, becouse the program version is not compatible with vista, or with 64 bits edition, but it's true also that a lot programs runs perfectly. I supouse more people have the same problem, some solution please? may be some compatible version soon? Vista is coming, and his users going to need some solution soon or late

Thx, and sorry about my english! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please use the search function before you post!
The search term "vista" for example leads to this thread where you can read that Mp3tag should work with the last Beta/Development Build.

I have installed the last beta version of the thread, and seems that works perfect. And sorry, really i had seen this thread (looking on google), but only the top, and i thought that was another problem. thx for the fast answer!

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