[X] Crash when read modified file

I created a file (.mta) and I wrote "Mp3tag" in it.
Mp3tag crash when I test the file.

  1. Mp3tag is not a "test system".

  2. I think it is not intended behaviour to change content of a .mta file by user directly though it is available for the expert.

  3. It seems that you are not familiar with the syntax of this type of Mp3tag system background file.
    A .mta file is a disk storage file for Mp3tag action rules and looks internally like a standard ini-file.
    Once you have understood how the running numbering of the ini sections works you will be able to change the .mta file's content manually without expectation of crashing the Mp3tag platform.

  4. It is no good idea to corrupt manually the content of those files and come in and complain about bugs and crashes.


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