[X] Cursor Focus doesn't snap to the OK Dialog box

After making changes, the final dialog box doesn't snap the cursor Focus to Ok
The cursor has to be moved manually.
This can be a long way on the newer wider screens.

You can set whether a dialogue box opens after saving (I assume that is what you mean by "final dialog box").

The OK button can be executed with the key "Enter" or "Space" as it has the keyboard focus.

On my computers no message box automatically sucks in the mouse cursor on the OK button. SO could it be a problem of the mouse driver?

Yes , you can disable the message on save and I do that for multiple simple operations.
When many operations are carried out in one operation however the message box carries useful information on the results of the operation.

Yes, you can use enter or space but this changes MY focus to the keyboard from the mouse when all I need is the mouse.

You are right that the message box doesn't give focus to the OK button, but a dialog box could.

So if you see a (system generated) message box, it is no bug?

Sorry, I did consider which forum would be best to use.
It's not a bug in the strictest sense, but it's not a new feature either.
More an improvement in the user experience, a convenience in operation.

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