[X] Delete file option not working

I'm using the latest release version 2.39 on WinXP SP2.
I've searched the developer version, bug reports & all other forum location but can't find mention of this issue :frowning:
There is no errorlog in mp3tag's prog or data dir - ie other than problem below it appears to be functioning normally.


  1. Rightclick file, select "Delete..." from popup menu.
  2. File is removed from the list BUT if you check the file location it is STILL there.
    Also if you do a refresh it reappears.
    This occurs even if you use the DELETE key rather than popup menu.
  3. Also the trailing dots after the Delete option in the popup box ("Delete...") suggests there will be a confirmation box before the delete occurs but this is not so.

Sadly I spent 5hrs removing my dupes only to discover once I refreshed they all reappeared :frowning:
Given that no-one else has reported this could there be something particular to my configuration?
I am a computer support person so am very familiar with XP and my installation is very clean and stable... any ideas?


I just tested mine and it does the same thing. Deletes from the list, but not from the disk. I use a different program to shuffle and delete, and search for dupes. (Mp3 Catalog Pro from Wiztech)

You must use Ctrl + Delete

Thanks very much for your quick feedback guys I REALLY appreciate it.
I've just tried the CTRL+DEL and yes that moves the file to the recycle bin... unfortunately I didn't spot that when looked at the shortcuts help page :frowning:

So is that a bug re the rightclick and Delete key not working OR is it by design... if by design why?

Well it is a feature that you can remove files from the file list with Del without acutally deleting them.
E.g. you want to arrange files for a playlist or just remove the files you have finished tagging

Thanks for setting me straight on the feature. Perhaps on the right click context menu calling it "Remove from List" (or something similar) rather than delete? (for dummies like me who don't read help files right away) :music:

So is that a bug re the rightclick and Delete key not working OR is it by design...

I think it is a case of design muddle. r-c Delete... used to delete the file, but now it deletes just the entry. The dialog box indicated by the '...' never appears.

If you hold down CTRL, this menu item executes a different command - to Delete the file.

I think it is bad to have one item do two different command dependent on a chord key. But if it must do so, the menu item label should chnage to reflect this.

Much better I suggest is to have two distinct menu items - one for deleting the entry and one for deleting the file.

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