[X] Delete Tag and Cancel - Cover will be deleted

Hi, my latest version is 2.6

If I press delete Tag and than press the cancel button, the cover did not come back.

I use this to delete the "Lyrics3v2 Tag" but if the mp3 have a cover it will be deleted too :frowning:

I don't know but i think with an older version 2.58 or something it would be not deleted.

thx and nice program

I cannot see a "Cancel" buttion. My confirmation dialogue has a "yes" and "no". And "No" then does not delete anything.

Hi, habe das deutsche forum zu spät gesehen :wink:

Ich meinte "Tag entfernen" (Ja drücken) und dann wieder auf "Rückgängig"
Danach habe ich kein Cover mehr und auch keinen Lyrics3v2 Tag (welchen ich ja weg bekommen möchte)

The prober way to get rid of unwanted tags is to cut and paste them. Using undo in this context is not correct.


Mp3tag's Undo functionality currently has the limitation of not storing cover data. Storing covers in memory resulted in a plentitude of out-of-memory situations for various users.

Thx, works

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