[X] Didn't update file size after deleting a jpg cover file in a FLAC audio File

I have a problem with cover on FLAC audio Files :

  1. I have added a jpeg file of about 400-500kb on a FLAC audio File.
    After this action, the file size has increased normally (ORG file size + added jpeg file)

  2. I would like to change this file by a new smaller jpeg cover file of about 200-300kb
    First, I delete the previous cover jpeg file. But after this, there is no change of the FLAC file size ???
    I attached the new smaller jpeg file. Normally, the new audio file size should be smaller of about 100-300kb but there is always no change on the FLAC audio file size.

I think there is a problem of updating the audio file size after deleting jpeg cover on FLAC File.

Rem. : This problem didn't appear with MP3 files.

Is it normal ? How to solve the problem ?


The posting in this topic could help:

How to decrease the tagsize after deleting coverart

Thanks Mike_nl for the link !

The batch file realized by Lupercus using metaflac is an alternative solution that works fine.

So I think it will be very usefull if this feature could be included in a next MP3Tag version.


Is it true (for every tag type) that Mp3tag always zeroes removed fields and never rewrites files to reduce excessive padding?

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