[X] Different audio md5 calculated for two files diffreing by tags only


After I tagged a mp3 file with an external tool (Mutagen) the mp3tag started to calculate a different audio md5 for it.

Examples that differs:
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1883230/tmp/mp3tag/original.mp3 (ID3v1+ID3v2.4)
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1883230/tmp/mp3tag...agen-tagged.mp3 (ID3v2.4+APEv2)

Hash sums:
0CB9CBEBB7C5C2EE899E8C11B6CBF5B8 mutagen-tagged.mp3
FE7544E6F41D34A00D6B616DC418CCF9 original.mp3

Foobar2000 shows they are equal by audio data.
I decoded them to wav's with lame and they were bit-to-bit equal.

MP3Tag v2.52, Windos 7 32 bit


The problem is the tool puts the APEv2 tag after the ID3v1 tag so Mp3tag cannot find the ID3v1 tag.


Yes, the fault is Mutagen's. Sorry.

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