[X] "Directory" field with \ at the end

Since 2.74, there is a '' at the end of the directory.
I don't know if it's a regression/bug or a new feature.
Can you help me please ?

Hi Niico,

this is by intention. It was reported several times, that there is an inconsitency between the directory field in the tag panel (where no trailing backslash was shown) and other parts of the program which displayed a trailing backslash (e.g., the path in Mp3tag's window title bar) so I've decided to change that.

Does this change cause you any trouble or is it simply not familiar yet?

The item from the changelog is [2016-02-07] CHG: directory list in tag panel now always shows trailing backslash for directories.
Kind regards

Hi Florian,

Thanks for your answer.
In fact, it is a part of my everyday "use case".
I use mp3tag to clean & retag my mp3.
Every album has it's own floder, with "artist - album"
Before, I used a copy of the last part of "directory" and paste into "album".
Now I have to copy/paste/remove ''
It sounds like a regression to me (because it adds some clics) but if it was something asked by many users...

My suggestion would be to add a parameter to show it or not. I'm sure I'm not alone !
But, any choice you make, I'll still support this soft.

Best regards,


The pseudo-variable %_directory% does not have a backslash at the end.
So if you use an action or the Convert>Tag-Tag or the Convert>Filename-Tag function, you never get the backslash.
If the procedure happens more than once, an action of the type "Guess value" is probably the best:
Source: %_directory%
Target: %dummy% - %album%

Hello ohrenkino,

I don't really understand your answer :confused:
Convert>Tag-Tag and Convert>Filename-Tag don't know the "directory" field for me.
So I think I'm not able to extract this information and put it in a Tag.

Where is defined the pseudo-variable %_directory% ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I do not know how you extract information from the name of the current directory that requires it to delete the trailing backslash.
If you use the Convert>Tag-Tag function e.g. for the field ALBUM then you can use
as format string: %_directory%
This then assigns the name of the folder to ALBUM - without any backslashes in it.

If you use an action of the type "Guess values" with the source %_directory% (can be selected from the list "Information fields" that hides under the arrow-right-button next to the source field), you get the name without backslash.
In the function Convert>Filename-Tag I admit, a backslash is required if you want to get information from the path - but that is just as it was before.
So: where do you get an added backslash that you have to delete?

In fact, it's only a copy (manual action) from "directory" in left panel and paste in "album" in left panel too (and save).
This is my "poor" use case :confused: but it is the same I do for years... and now I have to change my way of working... and I know my way of working was not "optimal".
At the beginning I just wanted to know if it was a regression or a new feature !

I guess I'll have to improve my use mp3tag :slight_smile:

I've found %_directory% variable, but it sends me the "artist - album" information...
What I would like to do now is to split %_directory% in two, and get the second part in ALBUM information :wink:

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

That's the Guess-Values-Action that Ohrenkino wrote of.

Define an action:
Action Type: Guess Values
Source format: %_directory%
Guessing pattern: %dummy% - %album%

@poster & @ohrenkino

Thank you very much, it works fine :slight_smile:
You can close this "bug" that was not one !

Thanks & bye :slight_smile:

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