[X] Discnumber Field won't "Sort"

As the titles says

Tilte, Album everything sorts fine. But my Discnumber Field won't sort. So In stead of:


They are still al mixed up. I'm using the latest version

The field DISCNUMBER is supposed to be numeric. So, "CD" is not a valid amendment. You should remove that.

A column for DISCNUMBER is not part of the standard delivery, so you must have defined it some time ago yourself.

Check the column definition if you have ticked the option for numeric contents and see if changing the setting helps you.

Ah, I can try that! :slight_smile: Thank you. I wil tell if that worked or not. (Yeah I adjusted the columns myzelf)

(That worked! Many thnx a lot of work has been spared :smiley: )

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