[X] discogs issue

when I went to get tags from discogs mp3 tag wouldn't let me.

I made sure to enter the application code into the dialog box and it took it, then I went to get tags after that and it has a 401 error; unauthorized.

I just upgraded to the latest version.

Check out the advice in this thread and see if it helps.
I cannot see a bug here.

I tried it and it's intermittent... sometimes has the error and sometimes not.

So, if it works sometimes and sometimes it does not - what has changed in the meantime?

If nothing has changed on the MP3tag side - where do you see the bug in MP3tag?

If you have changed something with mp3tag - does it work again, if you change it back?
Is it reproduceable with a certain set of data?
Does it depend on the daytime?

it does it when I have any special characters in search now.

You might want to see this thread

further down (post #8) where something is advised about the search separator.

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