[X] display glitch when importing audio with year already entered


I have this in version 2.78, and it was also seen in two previous versions as well.

When opening an audio mp3 created with audacity, and the year is entered in the meta data already, mp3tag displays it as year//year. For example, if Audacity saves an mp3 file with the year 2016 entered in the meta data, mp3 tag will show 2016//2016 in the year box.

No other box to enter information has this same result, its just the year that does this.

It can be edited easily enough, but its something that should not happen.

I quite agree, this should not happen.
Yet, MP3tag only displays data that is already there. The // is an indication that you have several fields of the same type, a multi-value field, in this case 2 year fields.
You can check this by opening the extended tags dialogue (alt-T): there you should see 2 rows for the field YEAR.
You may now ask audacity why it writes 2 year fields ...
But as you said: mp3tag can get rid of this data easily.
BTW: it is not illegal for most fields to have 2 of the same kind.

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