[X] Documentation Issue

We have entries such as

Name in Mp3tag     ID3v2.3     ID3v2.4
ALBUM                TALB         "
ALBUMSORTORDER        -          TSOA
ARTIST               TPE1         "
DATE                 TDAT         -

Normally, using double quotes in a column means 'same as above', not same as to the left. And there's no obvious way to interpret the dash. Same as to the left? Same as to the right? Not written?

May I suggest something simpler and less ambiguous (I have no idea if the following is correct due to the confusion above, but it should be obvious what is intended). Just enter the id3v2 frame name and leave any items blank that will not be written.

Name in Mp3tag     ID3v2.3     ID3v2.4
ALBUM                TALB        TALB
ALBUMSORTORDER                   TSOA
ARTIST               TPE1        TPE1
DATE                 TDAT        TDAT

Of course, one thing that isn't stated anywhere in the documention is that frames not blessed by Mp3tag in either v2.3 or 2.4 will end up being written as TXXX frames with the Mp3tag field name.

It's from left to right. That means that the same field is used for ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4.

While you're right that the reading direction for the double quotes in a column is normally from top to bottom, I like the way as it is now. You can quickly see which fields differ in the different versions of the ID3v2 tag.

And how are the dashes supposed to be interpreted? Left, right, up, down, inside-out, n/a?

Edit: Nevermind, I see you've clarified it in the lastest version of the documentation. Thanks!

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