[X] Doesn't find existing freedb ID's

I was searching for some albums through the freedb search feature today.

I noticed that none of my freedb ID's I was retrieving from the freedb website was recognized by mp3tag through the manual ID search. Mp3tag always returned "not found".

Also, several albums were not found through the freedb web search feature while searching for them on the freedb website returned them without problems. Some are working, some are not.

Would be great to have at least the ID's working so I can automatically tag my albums without the need of another piece of software which does that correctly. :slight_smile:

You could check if MP3tag has internet access at all.
Trigger the function Help>Check for updates.

You should get a message box, either telling you that you have the latest version or that there is a newer one.
If you do not get a message box, then MP3tag has no internet access and you would have to check your network settings (like the firewall).

This is not an internet connection issue. It does return results when using the web search feature.

You may try it yourself. For example, search for that freedb ID in mp3tag:


And: what is the result if you try to look for MP3tag updates?

Here you go:

I only see the dummy icon for a picture ...

I have no idea what you are talking about. You wanted to see what I get when I check for program updates (whatever that has to do with my problem...). I gave you that as a screenshot.

And I do not see that screenshot ... only the dummy icon that there could be a picture... Sorry.

Ah ok, was confused. :wink: Image display inside this thread works fine for me. Anyway, here's the image link:


The reaction of the scripts is that you get the message that there are no hits if a program (like MP3tag) is blocked from accessing the internet.
The easiest way is to check that with the search for updates.

Still don't see it as my web access blocks this site.
It would be best to upload the picture into this forum and then add it to the post.

Anyway: I take it that you get a message box, right?

Yes. It says that I have the latest version.
Please let's skip the internet access stuff, I can assure you that mp3tag has full internet access.

I must confess that I did not use this feature with the manual entering of the ID till now, because for my practical use there are better and more accurate websources than FreeDB.

I tried it with you ID and I ónly get a result, if I choose "Blues" as category.

I think that does not make much sense, if you have to know a category when you enter the ID.
And the selected album has nothing to do with "Blues".

It is indeed working when specifying the correct category alongside the ID. Tho it doesn't make much sense of course. But maybe accessing the public API of freedb has limitations. Other MP3 tag tools I have tried don't have this problem tho.
But thanks for pointing that out! At least I can now look up the album at the freedb website and then reference it in mp3tag by ID and category.

So it's no bug?

That depends whether the category is a required parameter for accessing the freedb API when searching for an ID or not.
If not, the need to specify a category in mp3tag would be a bug. If yes, it would be strange, but not a bug in mp3tag.

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