[X] Drag and Drop (Folders) doesn't work

Until 2.41 I could just use the Windows Explorer (or Directory Opus or another file manager) and Drag the folders I wanted to Tag in the Mp3Tag application. As of 2.42 this dowsn't work any more.

Dragging files FROM Mp3Tag TO the Explorer just works fine.

Works fine here (WinXP/SP2, Mp3tag 2.42), except—I’m not sure this is a change?—you have to hold CTRL when adding to what’s already in the Mp3tag file list.

Just tried it again, now it works. I have absolutely no idea why it didn't work yesterday. Perhaps good old Windows Vista just needed a reboot..

I have the same problem, and I don't remember this in the previous versions.
Only after a windows restart, the drag and drop from explorer to mp3tag works fine.
(Vista32 SP1, mp3tag2.42)

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