[X] Drag&Drop from Firefox 3.5 bug

With Firefox 3.0 when i directly dragged a file from the Browser to mp3tag, the file was embedded as image/jpeg.

with Firefox 3.5 the file gets embedded as image/bmp, and that's causing problems with Winamp for Example.

Is this possible to fix?

version: 2.43a

I can confirm this behaviour. Would be nice to get back the JPGs or another solution to extract the pictures as JPG.

Seems like this has been changed with Firefox 3.5 where the image is a temporary BMP file referenced in the HDROP drag'n'drop structure.

It's more an issue with Firefox than with Mp3tag and I'm not sure whether I should try to workaround this.

Could you convert it to a *.jpg during the extract-process? :ph34r:

I found this info in another forum:

I also reported this in the firefox bugtrack, but the marked it as duplicate of a bug created in 2000, so i don't think they care or it's already fixed in trunk.

The funny thing is that dropping a image to the desktop/explorer is creating a *.jpg.

YES! Thats exactly what I found 2 minutes before. :rolleyes: If you drag & drop a jpg-picture from bild.de to your explorer, you get a JPG. But if you drag & drop the same jpg-picture to Mp3tag, it makes a image/bmp. Strange... :w00t:

I think that this should be fixed on Firefox side. Can you please post the link to the bug for future reference?




Unfortunately, they don't really care about this bug at Mozilla, right?
Is there anything we can do about this (annoying!) behaviour?

Just FYI, I've commented on the bug report.

Thank you for the additional informations.

I just ask you:
How difficult would it be to implement a conversion from *.bmp to *.jpg inside Mp3tag? I have no idea if there are existing libraries for such a task.

And another thing:
With the file-explorer from windows the drag&drop from FF works. How can they make it work in file-explorer?

I don't know how drag'n'drop to Windows Explorer works internally in FF 3.5 but I've added a workaround for this issue with the current Development Build.

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