[X] Dropdown in 'Open-' Dialogbox not up to date

To reproduce this behaviour, do the following steps:

  1. Mark some files in the file list

  2. Press Alt-T for Tags

  3. Press the 'add cover' button

  4. Type two or three leading characters (from your files in the actual directory) in the filename-dropdownbox
    (Example: if you have "ABBA - Filename.mp3" in your directory, type 'abb')
    You will see a list with all the files beginning with this characters in the dropdownbox

  5. Now change the directory (one level up) by pressing the the yellow button right from your 'search in-' dropdownbox (the one with the green up-arrow)

Repeat step 3.) by typing again the same characters

The dropdownbox is still filled with the same filenames from 3.)

Desired result:
The dropdownbox should be refreshed with the content of the actual directory.

I found this behaviour, because all my covers are saved in the same directory - not together with the songs:
C:\temp\songs <--- all the covers
This is the reason why I have to change the directory (4.) to add the matching cover for the tagged songs.

This is standard windows behaviour. Mp3tag has no access to refresh the list of files in the Windows open dialog.


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