[X] Duplicate songs

Hello everyone! Sorry if I make a few mistakes of any kind, but I urge to fix this bug. Many songs (in the folder are 643) are duplicated, in fact songs are 740. I do not know if it was the last update, but two weeks ago it was all right. Duplicate songs are the same as other in every way.

it happened to you? Thank you in advance

Where is the bug?
Create a column that shows the path and/or filename. At least these attributes have to be different as the filesystem would not allow 2 files in the same folder with the same name.

Sorry but I can't understand

Could you please explain where you see the bug?
I can see that there are duplicate file names - which is not possible as the filesystem allows only one file with a specific name (and path).
So there has to be a difference, e.g. the path. So please show us the path for each of the allegedly duplicate files.

Today I opened mp3tag and everything was solved. I do not know why. The path was only one, the music folder on the Desktop that I created. I saw that there is an option "Add Folder ...", but I've never used this option. I think it's solved, although I never did and I do not think anything has been updated. In case you need, I will continue the topic ^^

Thank you so much ^^

The function to add a folder does not lead to the repeated display of files. Each file is identified by their full filename so that even if you load playlists with several references to a single file, the file will be displayed only once. So it stays a miracle.

I swear I'm not kidding. I can not explain.

Thank you all

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