[X] Duration changed after saving a tag

As in title.
After saving a tag to MP3 file its duration as shown in Media Player Classic and portable player Sansa View is increased by 5 s. Foobar2000 is not affected.
I'm able to fix the problem with help of tool Vbrfix 1(beta) H+Moonbase-1

Below is link to 7z archive that contains two example file, one before, other after saving tag.
This is encrypted archive. Password is "aaa".


Mp3tag 26.4a (but I have that problem with earlier versions too).

Have you checked the files before you edit them?
I mean: did you make sure that the VBR header is a valid one?
Perhaps you use Mp3diags to check (and repair) or the Foobar2000 Utility>Fix VBR header.
Then load the files into the players you mentioned and check the length.
Then edit the files in MP3tag and check what the players say now.
If the length stays the same then you have a problem with the generation of the VBR files.

I've tried Foobar2000 Utility>Fix VBR header. Without success.
Only tool that can correct the problem is mentioned Vbrfix 1(beta) H+Moonbase-1.
If you would check a files from archive then you would see that they are CBR.
I've provided them for anyone willing to check whether problem is reproducible for him (yes, there is a chance that something unusual is in my instalation of Mp3tag).
For me the problem is reproducible. I can fix a file tagged by Mp3tag, then again tag it in Mp3tag and problem appears again.


Both the files you supplied are reported as problem files when running mp3val: there is an mpeg stream error.
The "before" file has no APE tags, the "after" file has - switch off the writing of APE tags in Tools>Options>Mpeg.
MP3diags report 2 mpeg streams in your files whereas a file should only have one.
MP3diags also reports 2 V1-tags in the file. Only one is valid.
So in short: your files are corrupt, no wonder they produce strange results.
You should fix your files, e.g. mp3val repairs the mpeg stream, mp3diags removes unsupported streams like APE footers without headers.
Once both programs report files without problems, check the files again in your players. now they should work.

And with this summary, I cannot see any bug in Mp3tag.

That explains a lot.
Thanks for your investigation.

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