[X] Embedded cover art is not displayed and cannot be extracted/deleted

I've experiencing this issue (using v2.58)
with an album of mp3 which contain 1 embedded cover art .jpg 7 kb:
(there's no extra cover art as separate file)
in Mp3tag the cover art doesn't appear
neither in the bottom left corner, (when I select an mp3)
nor via rightclick mp3>Extended Tags.

In Options, by default the option "Don't display first image from file directory as cover art" is disabled.
If I enable it, then the cover art appears in the bottom left corner,
and in rightclick mp3>Extended Tags
but the Remove cover/Extract cover are greyed out.

PS. With winamp, by rightclick on an mp3>view file info
I am able to view the embedded file, and I can save or delete it.

If MP3tag does not display the coverart and does not let it delete you then there is none.
What you see is the picture file in the file system.

Try to use the function of the extended tags dialogue to embed a cover file - which should be there as you see it if you let MP3tag show the first picture file in the file system).
And: where is the bug?

You were right, there is no bug:
I discovered that in that folder there where was a cover.jpg
which had file attributes: HS (hidden & system) !!

Thanks a lot for the reply.

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