[X] Error on Video Editor + Music (DAW) audio import

Hi, thank-you for your program,

The bug I am reporting is this:

When adding my ID3 tag full of info, with an image, save it, then try to upload that same audio into my video editor, Camtasia 8, it gives me an error. (Don't have error message on hand, I can provide if needed).

Next, when importing the same ID3 tagged audio into a music program (DAW) such as FL Studio, it is again giving me a similar error. Not with a pop-up window.. but it's not recognizing the audio at all!

Please let me know if you need further details!

Riley !

Could check your files with MP3val or Mp3check first?
It looks as though your programs cannot cope with v2 tags and interpret them as audio data.
If the checking does not return any errors try to write only v1 tags - these do not have pictures, though.

Hi - Thank-you for your reply :slight_smile:

I have attached an image using MP3val

Status is OK:

Is it possible to write ID3 V1 tags with MP3Tag? -- I like the software, and would like to keep using it!

So this is not a problem with MP3Tag? - I will do a comparison with another product and report back here? - Does that sound okay?

Go to Tools>Options>Mpeg
and set the write option to only V1 to get plain v1 tags.
And: It would be very unusual if MP3tag caused the problems as it usually works ok but some (other) players / editors behave strangely.

Hi, I haven't had the opportunity to try other softwares, but I have found yes, it is the images that is causing the problem.

When not adding the image, it works in Camtasia - With an image.. Camtasia doesn't recognize it as audio. An error window pops up! :frowning:

On the plus side, with the new update it seems like my music program, FL Studio now recognizes it?

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