[X] Error while using the Export function


I am getting an error while i am using the export function in V2.37h.

I upgraded from 2.37F to 2.37H.
I installed 2.37H without uninstalling 2.37F.

I have been using "milkaSmartDynamic_02_html_Album___Mix_List.zip" to export for quite some time and i have not had any problems before.

Then i Uninstalled Mp3tag and deleted the "%appdata%\mp3tag" folder and reinstalled and tried again, and got the same error. I also tried with "html_standard.mte" export and got the same error.

Then i installed V2.37F again and tried. This time i got no error.

Am attaching a scree grab of the same. Please let me know if there is any other information is needed.


Where did you download the file?
Please download it again from this forum.

as far as i can remember i had downloaded it from this site itself. But just to be sure i have downloaded it again.

Do i need to uninstall the previous install, or should i just install it over the previous install. Also, should i remove the mp3tag folder under the %appdata% folder?

Just install over the old version.


I am doing the above, now i am not getting an error as i was getting earlier.
But something else is happening now.

Earlier the export file had a name like - "Folder Name (((Dynamic Music List))).html"

Now the folder name is not getting appended to the export file name, and the file is name only as "(((Dynamic Music List))).html"

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