[X] Export cove: folder.jpg duplicates to folder(1).jpg

I'm using this to export a cover called folder.jpg based on an if function for .FLAC files only.

$if($eql(%_extension%,flac),M:'\'_LOSSLESS'\'[%albumartist% -] [%album%] [%year%]'\'folder,'')

Ran once it's okay.

Running again results in another file called folder(1).jpg

I've added the extension which is not the correct way to do it like so:

$if($eql(%_extension%,flac),M:'\'_LOSSLESS'\'[%albumartist% -] [%album%] [%year%]'\'folder,jpg,'')

And the result is no duplication of that file folder.jpg.jpg

Seems mp3Tag is not picking up on something here.

PS. I know I can do this:


Nonetheless I think this is a bug, no?

I have also seen files with names like folder(1).jpg and folder(2).jpg

After further investigation I found that they are only created if an already existing file of the same name is not equal to the newly created one.

So in a way you are right: you cannot overwrite existing files of the same name.
On the other hand: this preserves the old data that you might want to keep.
If you do not want to keep the file, execute a little batch job that deletes the folder.jpg file before you create new ones.
(e.g. batch job:
del /s /ah /as folder.jpg
if the files are hidden ones.

No. I think correct behavior would be to over write the folder.jpg with folder.jpg and not overwrite to folder(1).jpg or not overwrite it at all in my tests that I've done. Why would this behavior be acceptable or wanted?

Fixing this bug in mp3tag would lead to accurate trustworthy behavior.

[ ] export duplicate covers

Should give the user an option to save out new covers while retaining what's there. Not the way you describe.

I've got a set of fairly untidy folders with tracks for testing in them.
One example folder has 2 files - allegedly from the same album - with different embedded covers in them.
When I run the export cover action, I get these files

If both covers were the same, I would get only a

I am not really comfortable with this behaviour as I usually expect a file be overwritten with another one of the same name. So it is not free of suprises.

On the other hand: like this you have the (undocumented) feature to find folders with files that have different embedded pictures.
You can then clean up - either the embedded pictures or the exported ones and import them again - then the next export should result in just one

I don't know.

The "export duplicates" feature actually exports EVERY embedded picture, even if they are the same. So you cannot find out (quickly) were the incongruencies are.

This is not the case in my first example. Although I've just tested that again and it's working fine. Not sure what was causing the issue.

OH! I thought this was not to allow duplicates like what was happening me!

[ ] Export all cover types would be a bit clearer.

I'll write back here if this occurs again. But like you sIaid you've got these folder(1), folder(2) things floating about your HD.

Case closed (for now) :slight_smile:

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