[X] Export to HTML with 'special' characters gets error?

Previous versions of mp3tag could export files to html with characters like the degree symbol (as in Celsius) or accent gravis, etc - now when I export, the characters have been replaced by funny symbols, if the browser is set (which it seems to be by default) to UTF-8. It looks like the Firefox browser doesn't like UTF-8 encoding/display for these newer files, so if I set the browser to Western Encoding, it works right. Same thing with IE 6.

What value do I set/edit in the Export 'html_mp3tag.mte' file to set the default character set so that my browser can understand it? OR is it there that I have to look?

I attach two files, "15[degrees] Off Cool.html", and "Bill Engvall - 15[degrees] - Off Cool"

I notice that in the first [older version] file, the degree sign is represented by the hex "C2 B0" which is a non-printing ANSI 'Latin capital letter A with circumflex' followed by the ANSI 'degree sign', while in the second, the character is hex "BA", which is ANSI for 'masculine ordinal indicator'

Thanks - hope this makes sense ...


15___Off_Cool.html (4.3 KB)

Bill_Engvall___15___Off_Cool.html (4.53 KB)

$filename(html,utf-8) must be at the beginning of the export file.

Thanks - it was "$filename(html)" - that did the trick!
Very impressive response time to post ... wow.

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