[X] Extended Tags


I am using 2.39p and after deleting some Extended Tags in a list with 30+ Extended Tags, it switches back to the very start of the list after each Action.

I know you can use Ctrl and Click to choose the tags, but this problem doesn't occur on files with so many tags.


Ps: Florian Keep Up The Good Work


can you provide step-by-step instructions for reproducing this issue? In my test cases, always the next tag field gets selected after removing a field.

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Hi Florian,

this is not a bug, i am sorry for the confusion. I Just dragged the Extended Tags Screen to make it bigger and then it doesn't reset back to the first entry anymore


Yeah, but I think I can improve it a little bit. Watch out for the next version :slight_smile:

Should be more convenient within Mp3tag v2.40 now.

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