[X] Failure of task switcher icon

When the program shows this dialog box and does not have focus, it can fail to show an entry on the Win XP task switcher:

Persists on V2.62. EDIT: On Win 7.

The same icon loss occurs also when focus is on the program, but on the main window rather than dialog:


This state can be reached by pressing the program task bar button.

XP is not an up-to-date operating system anymore since April 2014 ...
The global statement that any subdialog shows the described behaviour is not correct for W7 (and W8).
So perhaps it is time to update the OS.

Sorry not to say. This happens too on Win 7. Report updated.

I did not say "any". I said "a".

But I agree not "any". Report updated. Thanks.

I cannot verify this with my Win XP.


Same dialog?

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