[X] Feature lost - drag & drop

I used to be able to drag and drop folders into the main window in order to load them. I've not used your tool in sometime but had reason to today and updated to the latest dev build - 2.45b. Upon starting it and attempting to do my usual drag and drop of a folder to fix the tags I was unable to complete the drop. I am unable to do this with individual files locally or remotely on UNC shares, and am unable to do it with entire folders as I used to. I'm on Win7 64 but I'm sure I was able to do this previously. A minor thing perhaps but when editing a large collection it's a real time saver being able to drag and drop from an explorer window onto tyour tool to switch directories so if you could bring re-enable this I'd be most grateful!


P.S. I'd love to be able to tell you when this disappeared or what version I was running previously that last did this but having used this feature for so long and not updating regularly I'm not sure of either :unsure:

Recent versions of Windows prohibit drag and drop between processes that run under different user accounts (e.g., Administrator and Normal user).

If you let the Mp3tag installer start Mp3tag for you, it is most likely running under an elevated account which is different from your standard user account. Just try to open it again and see whether it works now.

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Indeed that was the problem - thank you!!!

Glad it works again!

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