[X] File could not be opened for writing on macOS High Sierra

I do not know if the problem comes from mp3tag but I can not write the information in some files (mp3 and / or m4a). I have an error message of the style "the file could not be opened for writing" while the properties are well read and write.
I am on Mac os Sierra High.
Do you have a solution for me ??

Can you please give some more information?

  • Are the files located on your local drive?
  • What are the filenames of the files?

The files are located > external DD.

it's a piece in m4a format of an album, the other pieces I can without problems tagger them.

the file name -> Johnny - Vaya Con Dios;m4a

I have no real idea right now. Maybe it's best if you could post a screenshot that shows the files and the error message?

You can create this on macOS via CMD + Shift + 3.

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